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38 MM Semi ALL Geared Radial Drill Machines

38 MM Semi ALL Geared Radial Drill Machines
38 MM Semi ALL Geared Radial Drill Machines
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Product Code : 38 MM RADIAL DRILL
Product Description

Salient Features of the machine are as under:

  • Heavy Duty about 38mm drilling in steel.
  • 2 auto feeds and 8 Spindle speeds for tapping, drilling, reaming operations.
  • This machinery is proficient of milling, tapping, drilling, counter-boring, honing, spot-facing, boring, reaming, and other parallel utilities.
  • Speeds can be altered conveniently.
  • Thread tapping processes can be completed in either revolution and employed depth can be measured employing a positive stop gauge.
  • Single Column Building for inflexibility and easy centering.
  • Openhandedly related & well sufficiently ribbed base column, plates, and arm for supreme rigidity and the least deflection.
  • The supreme quality of this apparatus and its affluence of operation make it appropriate for utilizing by amateurs’, students, and home hobbyists, also for skilled technicians.
  • Tapper Roller facility for better sliding of drill head on arm guide.
  • Toughened and ground gears for lowest wear and tear.
  • All gears are manufactured of nitride hardened, alloy steel, & lapped successively in oil bath installed with splined shafts.
  • Accuracy toughened and ground spindle.
  • Arm and drill-head guide conducts are exactly hand scraped for the smallest play and unbending fastening of drill-head along with the arm.
  • Machine verified according to ISO: 2199-1982 Standards

Technical Details:

Capacity 38mm
Drilling Capacity in Solid:
In Steel having 600 Mpa Tensile Strength 38mm
In Cast Iron having 180BHN 40mm
Tapping Capacity:
Metric Threads up to size [MM] -
 Any Other Threads [Inch]  Fine Pitch
Boring in Steel:
Boring in Steel 80mm
Drilling in Head:
Taper in Spindle - [Nose] MT - 4
Spindle travels - [Auto/Manual] 200mm
Spindle Diameter at Front Bearing 55mm
RAM Diameter 78mm
 No. of Spindle Speeds/Range 8/60 - 1760 RPM
 No. of Auto Feeds 2/0.06 - 0.15
Working Range:
Max Drilling Radius 1035
Max Distance between Base Plate to Spindle [Spindle Retracted] 240/1000
Max Distance from Column Face to Spindle 450/950
Max Drilling Head Traverse 500mm
Column Sleeve Diameter 180mm
Vertical Traverse of Arm [Auto] 750mm
Rotation of Arm [Both Side] 1900mm
Height 0-180 Deg.
Rapid Feeds:
Travel of Rail - [Vertical] 750mm
Travel of Rail - [Vertical] 500 Manual
Power Supply 415V, 3 PHASE, 50Hz
Drilling Head Two Speed Motor 2HP, 1440/2800 RPM
 Arm Elevating Motor  0.5HP, 1440 RPM
 Coolant Pump  -
Base Plate:
Working surface: L x W 800 x 660
 Overall size 1300 x 800 x 170 - R x S x Q
 No. of T - Slots & Nominal size 4/16
 Weight with Electricals & Standard Accessories-APPROX  Net/Cross 800Kg
Space Required by Machine: L x W x H:
Space Required 1300 X 2600 X 1900
Box Table Size: L x H x W:
Box Table Size 390 X 300 X 300
Colors MAAN Blue - SPECIAL